About Cusco Adventure Travel


Cusco Adventure Travel is a travel and tourism has provided unforgettable eco cultural adventure tourists and special interest tours in Peru. We have spearheaded tourism into many rural areas, exploring ancient trails and uncharted rivers among some of the most fantastic and varied natural landscapes in this part of the world: Machu Picchu, Inca Trail, the Culture Tours and more.


Department of tourism attention:

the permanent challenge of globalization in the present business environment demands from us not only the need for a good day care in every detail of your trip, but also to optimize your time and investment, reducing unnecessary costs. Our highly competent travel consultants are interconnected to the most modern reservations systems in the world.


We promote and sell the best hiking in Peru tourism worldwide, the magic destinations our country has to offer, while providing the peace of mind of our customers when they need confidence. We design and operate diversified as conventional tourism and domestic tourism, adventure and incentive travel and special interest tours, always with our guaranteed response within 24 hours products.


Mission: Cusco Adventure Travel is a Tour Company oriented to the excellence in the field of service as we offer solutions with quality provided through the best current options in the market for traveling supplies. Our work is determined by honesty, integrity, loyalty and moral with customers and anyone who provides us a service. An Environmental and Social responsibility features our work by encouraging people for conservation and equity.


Vision: Convince to our tourism can and must be a road towards development for Peru, we will continue to act as good Peruvians and seek to improve the welfare of our country, especially for its neediest citizens.




  • To promote access to culture, education and equal opportunity for all Peruvians.
  • To foster inclusive and self –sustainable development projects in the neediest local communities where tourism-related opportunities exist.
  • To encourage the responsible participation of our local, national stakeholders, in the activities of the Foundation.
  • To create enriching and engaging encounters between Peruvians and international visitors, for the benefit of both.


Where we are



Dirección: Calle Palacio 135 Cusco - Peru

Teléfono: (0051) 84-261634

Celular: (0051) 984740896 / 973368031

RPM: #972800171

Email: info@cuscoadventuretravel.com

Website: www.cuscoadventuretravel.com